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Corporate Oracle Deck {PRE-SALE}

Corporate Oracle Deck {PRE-SALE}

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52-card oracle deck, box, and booklet. Card stock, 3.5x5 in. Full-color cards.

NOTE: Deck delivery estimate is April-May 2024


Designed as a bridge between the corporate world and the spiritual, the Corporate Oracle Deck offers a unique perspective that resonates with both the hustle of the office and the depth of the soul. It's a way to dip your toe into the waters of self-discovery using familiar archetypes and concepts, providing a holistic approach to growth and transformation.

From the boardroom to everyday challenges, this deck offers practical wisdom and guidance, drawing on universal themes like ambition, teamwork, and resilience. With engaging artwork and actionable advice, the Corporate Oracle Deck provides valuable insights and thought-provoking reflections to empower you in both your professional and personal journey. Let its wisdom guide you as you embrace new opportunities, foster deeper connections, and connect more deeply with your intuition.

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